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About Astrologer Sri. Acharya Rajesh

Shri Acharya Rajesh - is the most famous name in the realm of astrology, spirituality and other related sciences. In his state of birth. Kerala,

Shri Acharya Rajesh entered the field of astrology with the blessings of Chutala Kapali Namboothiri, a well-known astrologer in Kerala. The inhabitants ofKerala consider Kapali Namboothiri as the Bhishma Pitamaha of astrology

From the time he was a young child He has shown a deep fascination with not just Astrology but as well Palmistry Numerology, Philosophy, Yoga, and Religion. Religion and Spirituality. Mother Nature which he regards as the most amazing creation of God.

He has been offering consults on astrology and other allied issues for over 15 years, and with remarkable consistency. His clients around the world include Intellectuals, Spiritual Giants, Medical and Scientific experts, Film Stars, Politicians and Architects. Legal Luminaries, Top Governmental officers, and of course the average person.

He has received a plethora of thank you letters from his clients around the world for his precise predictions and some have told him they wouldn't have made it without his help and guidance.

He is more than only an astrologer, but someone with a warm heart. Contrary to other astrologers that are only able to spend five or ten minutes talking about nothing and then offer costly remedies (which don't work) He spends between 45 to 60 minutes with his client, bringing them up with positive energy and re-energizes them, talks about them with love and a smile. He also involves himself in their issues and has prevented many souls from being lost or committing suicide.

Many physically and mentally sick patients have benefitted from his positive energy and healing touch.

He is a proponent of his belief in the Hindu System that is a part of Astrology and its numerous branches, including Ashtamangalya Prashnam, Thamboola Prashnam, Deva Prashnam and Kavadi Prashnam.

Expert on Vastu shastra. In a vast majority of instances, He tries to avoid demolition techniques to make a structure Vastu compatible. He has provided Vaastu solutions not just to the largest corporations across the globe however, he also provides Vaastu solutions for the tiniest of houses. Expert at revitalizing dying industries, and is a specialist in Vastu of commercial buildings. In numerous instances in which commercial buildings or houses for residential use were not sold for a long time after following the guidance of Shri on how to make simple Vastu adjustments that allowed them to sell their properties quickly and restore peace of mind.

Acharya can also be described as an expert and exponent of the mantra Sastra. He recommends specific rituals to Japa to the person based on their horoscope, to help them spiritually and materially. In many instances, mantras are suggested according to horoscopes to restore health ease your mind, and for spiritual advancement.

He is very involved in spirituality, Mysticism, Bhakti, Jnana Yoga and Karma Yoga and even when working These thoughts are on his mind. His passion with for is is Medical Astrology i.e. trying to understand disease through the Horoscope. For feet, many doctors collaborate with him when diagnosing illnesses and in the context of complex surgeries and malignant ailments.

Acharya is also an authority of Homams or Havans which are potent forms of treatment to achieve spiritual or material goals, and also to prevent negative global and Vaastu effects through propitiating different kinds of the Lord as well as the most potent Navagrahas through the propitiation for Agni or the God of Fire He also suggests in specific cases, certain houses that are carried out under his supervision by specially trained experts in this area. Many have experienced tremendous relief and experienced their wishes fulfilled.

What is Astro Vaastu? There are numerous theories to apply. Which one is true?
Astro Vastu is syncing planetary combinations within Vastu (Home offices and factory, clinic or hospital, gym bank and college, as well as school and other locations) When working with clients individually, Astros Vastu is a great way to increase the positive aspects of what the individual is skilled at and manage the negative flow. The wall colour patterns are sufficient to control this flow. Based on the individual's horoscope it is to be determined what needs to be improved and what needs to be managed. In general, one wall inside the other is positive and should be made stronger, and the other two walls are negative and must be controlled using colour schemes . If this is completed over 70 per cent of the Vastu has been completed. The rest of the things can be handled effortlessly. The colours of furniture or walls play an enormous role in Vastu. astro Vastu is a combined field of astrology and vastushastra which is applied when remedies have to be done very effectively when a individual or a family is facing intense problems which alone balancing of spaces can not do. as each direction has its importance in vastupurush mandal and each direction has a ruling planet, the energies affect the person with that ruling planet in his birth chart. hence astro vastu is a method used to give remedies both as per the science of vastushastra and the science of astrology.
Our service:Ashta Mangalya Prashnam
Ashtamangalya Prashnam is performed to determine all positive and negative aspects that are related to your family and you by the science of Astrology. It's a reliable method to find out what was happening and everything that transpired. Ashtamangala Deva Prasnam is a reference to two aspects one of which is the calculation method used in numerology. It also is calculated using Ashtha (eight) and Mangala (auspicious) items used to determine the outcome of divination.These items are 1. Flowers 2. Fruits 3.Coconuts 4.Turmeric (frush) 5.Roads 6.Sandles 7.Coins 8. Gee lamp ((brass lamps with a wick in clarified butter). The divination method uses conch shells that are small and chosen. After the mantras are recited and chanted, the shells are mixed, and the first step, Ganesha, or calculations commences. A few are picked up and stored separately. They are separated into various sections of four each and the balance is used to determine the zodiacal location of the person visiting. The selection of the different shells is based on the positions of the planets when the person is arriving. A birth chart for the individual is not necessary. The astrologer starts his reading. When the reader confirms that the reading is accurate. It is suggested to take remedial measures.
Our service:Nimitha Prashnam
The events that occur during the period of the consultation, as well as the actions of those who are in the room along with their conversation, practically everything that happens is closely observed. The same happens when a letter, phone message or call is received from a consultant. The information received is considered and the results are provided. Suggestions for remedial measures are made.
Our service:Thamboola Prashnam
"Thamboola Prashnam" is a method of identifying the unknowable. With this ancient method, it is possible to obtain information regarding a specific person and the location of someone who has disappeared, lost items, issues of doubt, Evil/ Black magic issues, etc. Thamboolam: Sanskrit signifies the offering of betel leaves, and fruits, in a gesture of respect for the person who is being visited. Certain astrologers, specifically in Kerala employ this method to determine their health as well as their wealth and prosperity person. I've studied this method with my Guru in-depth and frequently use it whenever it is required to come to any hard conclusion regarding an individual's health issues. It is suggested to take remedial measures.
Our service:Deva prashnam
"Deva Prashnam" is conducted in temples to understand the causes and solutions that are associated with the temple. Deva prashnam is conducted by only experienced astrologers and tantric who have vast knowledge in their fields. The purpose of the ritual is to discover the preferences and dislikes that the goddess or god of the temple has and to get to know the people living in the village. Devaprashnam is the name given to the division in Astrology to find God's desires (Devahitam). It is believed by followers that the God 'Parama Siva' created Thirty Three crores of demigods in the present universe. The concept is discussed in a variety of Astrological books that discuss the various names. Many other elements in a temple can cause damage to the divine nature. The following steps are suggested for remediation.
Our service:Kavadi Prashnam
Varahamihira's "Hora'" is broken down into three parts, namely. Jathakam (Horoscope), Prashnam (Ashtamangalam which has 108 Shells) as well as Muhurtham (Best time to do anything). Kavadi means Shell. Kavadi Prashnam is an extremely important and well-known component of Astrology in South India in general and in Kerala specifically. Kavadi Prashnam is performed using 108 shells and the current Graha (Planetary) positions throughout the day. Graha positions shift between the day and night. A "Kavadi" word in Tamil refers to the word "sea shell. By using these, the location of an individual as well as the reason for his consultation visit are identified and the best solution to his issues is recommended. To do this it is used 108 kavadis and rotated numerous times. In addition, the benefits that are granted by God or the Guru are invoked. A part of the kavadis is divided and counted to discover the planet that is ruling at that moment. What is the result of the Prasna Horoscope ( A horoscope created to determine the date of the arrival of the person) compared to what is revealed by the kavadi-pranam and the results are announced? This type of prediction, which calls for a query to the sky is appropriately referred to as 'Prasnam', or "Kavadi Prasnam'. Based on the planet's current position, the Prashnam of the person who wishes to learn about his family concerns, Financial classes, employment-related issues such as childbirth, education for children and business status, son's or daughter's marriage Kalasarpa Dosha Pitru Dosha Bhoot-Pret Dosha Shatru-Abhichara Dosha, Kutumba (Family) Dosha, Vasthu Dosha etc. In a systematic manner of Kavati Prashnam, will inform him of the situation and its corresponding Dosha (evil consequences). Also, they will advise him on the most effective remedies, Pooja Videos and others. to get rid of the Dosha as quickly as possible. is performing it for the Kavadi Prashnam of a lot of people in India as well as the overseas population efficiently and progressively. Many who have sought out have now benefited from the advantages of Kavadi Prashnam. If you are looking to discover the hidden causes of your issues and the resulting Dosha that are disrupting the harmony of your life
Our service:Kudumba Prashnam
Kudumbaprasnam Astrological compatibility isn't just a tradition but is an effective method of getting the prasna's reading of the person's nature, characteristics potential, happiness as well as love and affection puthrabhagya. If and until there is a positive match between the bride and groom, they will not be able to sustain a long-term relationship happily. Because it's a difficult process to gain a complete understanding of the individual's personality and personality. before committing yourself to marriage, it is best to get the prasna reports before proceeding further. The following steps are suggested for remedial measures.